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Drift The Snap
Iridium Sunglasses


Drift The Snap Iridium Sunglasses

The Snap are an exceptional pair of sunglasses. The Snap is a modern twist on a classic pair of sunglasses. The Snap comes is a crystal blue frame frame, and blue iridium lenses. The Snap not only looks great but is of top quality at a very affordable price.

Drift Eyewear supplies a wide variety of mens, women and unisex sunglasses in a vast collection of styles and colours. Our range includes polarized lens, non-polarized lens, polarized iridium lens, and non polarized iridium lens.

We know that sunnies are a unique accessory that help define your look, and with this in mind, we are driven by passion to design our sunglass selection.

• Crystal blue frame

• Blue iridium lenses