Blue Iridium Sunglasses

What Are the Advantages of Blue Iridium Sunglasses?

What’s so great about blue iridium sunglasses? Across the sunglasses market, the term ‘iridium’ us a buzzword. What is iridium and which benefits can it bring to your sunglasses? Let’s explore.

The Benefits of Blue, Red, and Yellow Iridium Sunglasses

At Drift Eyewear, we are proud to offer a range of different iridium sunglasses for sale, from yellow iridium to blue iridium. Iridium is a metallic element: number 77 on the periodic table and the second-densest metal that we can classify. In the context of sunglasses, iridium refers to a metal oxide applied to the lenses. This coating produces numerous benefits.

  • Sunglasses that respond to the properties of the light: Many pairs of sunglasses are ideal for some situations or environments (those with high levels of light and glare, for instance) but not all. Iridium sunglasses are an exception. The iridium coating allows the sunglasses to behave differently depending on the properties of light in your environment. They are useful for balancing every sun and light factor (colour, glare, reflection, intensity, etc.) so that you enjoy maximum clarity and contrast. The result: iridium sunglasses are suitable for all light levels and all different environments.
  • Adept at blocking out harmful UV rays: Another factor that makes iridium sunglasses so useful is that they block all harmful UV rays, including UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation.
  • Look great: The latest iridium sunglasses available from Drift look truly fantastic—check out this pair of blue iridium sunglasses with their stunning matte black/grey frames and sleek blue lenses. Trust us: you’ll look fantastic sporting a pair of these sunglasses this summer.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Blue Iridium Sunglasses

As you shop for sunglasses at Drift Eyewear, avoid these common mistakes.

  • Paying too much: You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a quality pair of yellow or red iridium sunglasses. At Drift, all our pairs of sunglasses are available for just $29.99. Buy two pairs to exceed $50 on your order and unlock free shipping!
  • Not planning for light and environmental conditions: One of the fantastic things about Iridium sunglasses is that they are good for all levels of light. You can wear them during peak midday sun and continue to enjoy their benefits into the lower-light conditions of the evening. This versatility is important, as potentially harmful UV rays are still present even in the evening or early morning. Investing in sunglasses that you can wear all day will keep you better protected.
  • Not having sunglasses for a variety of situations: You might love sporting a pair of aviators for driving, but are they the right sunglasses for outdoor sports? Purchasing a variety of different sunglass styles will save you from trying to wear a fashion pair for an athletic situation and vice versa.

Why Customers Should Use Drift Eyewear

Whether you are looking for yellow iridium sunglass, red iridium sunglasses, or blue iridium sunglasses, we are here to help you find the right colour, style, and shape of sunglasses—all for the same unbeatable low price. Get in touch today and work with us to build up the ultimate arsenal of stylish (and protective) eyewear.